Amazon Prime For Seniors – How To Sign Up For Discounts

If you’re a regular online shopper and also want to avail of online services such as music, movies, games, and more, you’ll definitely want to check out Amazon Prime.

Amazon is well known for selling just about anything you can think of, for their free delivery, exclusive discounts, and excellent customer service, and all for one annual fee (you can also pay monthly but it costs more).

Let’s take a closer look at what an Amazon account with Prime access has to offer.  

What is Amazon Prime and what does it include? 

Amazon Prime is an incredibly versatile subscription-based service offered by the online retail giant Amazon. It’s good for all ages, but particularly useful for senior citizens as it provides members with a lot of different benefits.

Whether you want to shop for household items and get free shipping for your online shopping, watch TV shows, listen to music, or want access to a wide variety of reading material, an Amazon Prime subscription offers it all with a yearly membership plan. And for most people, it’s more than worth the price. 

The main benefit that most people make use of is the fast and free Amazon Prime shipping. You can get free two-day shipping or even same-day shipping on eligible items from the Amazon website.

This is particularly good if you shop a lot online as it can save a lot on shipping fees. Plus, it’s nice to have items you’ve ordered arrive quickly! For those who like to visit a physical store, Amazon does have some brick-and-mortar stores in major cities, but quite a few closed in the last year due to a lack of demand for their offline shops. 

senior discounts for amazon prime
If you qualify, the Amazon Access program is a great discount over the regular prime pricing.

The Amazon Prime membership also includes Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music – on-demand streaming services that offer a wide range of movies, TV shows, and ad-free access to millions of songs. You can also rent some of the latest movies at a discounted price in case you didn’t get a chance to see them at the cinema. 

If reading is your interest, you can borrow e-books, magazines, and comics from the Prime Reading library at no extra cost. Members can read them on Kindle devices, tablets, or smartphones using the Kindle app.

Whole Foods shoppers can enjoy additional benefits when shopping at Whole Foods Market and using Amazon Fresh and Prime Pantry, their online grocery store options. These services provide convenience and accessibility for seniors, especially those who may have difficulty visiting a physical store.

Prime members have access to prescription medications and other pharmacy services through Amazon’s online pharmacy. This feature provides a convenient option for seniors to manage their medications and get access to healthcare products. 

There are also other Amazon services such as Prime gaming for video game enthusiasts (a great hobby for seniors) and Prime photos if you want unlimited photo storage for your photos and videos. Prime members also get early access to Lightning Deals on Amazon, where you get a limited-time Amazon Prime discount on lots of items across a huge range of different categories.

Also, every year they offer an annual shopping event, known as Prime Day, to give exclusive deals and discounts to their members. 

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How much is Amazon Prime?

If you’ve never signed up for Amazon Prime before you’ll be able to avail of their free trial where you can try all the benefits we’ve listed above for the 30-day trial period. This Amazon Prime offer is really good as it gives you a chance to test all the aspects of the membership service (including free two-day delivery, Amazon deals, and access to their special discounts) for a whole month to see if it’s right for you.

After that, you’ll be billed the cost of Amazon Prime which is a membership fee of $139 per year, or a monthly fee of $14.99 (depending on which you signed up for). For students and seniors, you may be able to sign up for a discounted Amazon Prime account. 

Prime options for seniors

If you’re a senior it might be possible to avail of the Amazon senior discount while still accessing all the benefits of Prime we’ve already listed. This service is designed to make shopping more convenient and affordable for seniors, especially those on a tight budget or enrolled in government assistance programs. 

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Amazon Prime for seniors is available at a significantly discounted rate compared to the regular price. Instead of the normal monthly fee of $14.99, seniors can access Amazon Prime for a reduced price of just $6.99 per month.


To be eligible for Amazon Prime’s senior discount, also called Prime Access, individuals must meet certain criteria. One of the eligibility requirements is being 65 years of age or older. Additionally, seniors must be enrolled in a qualified government assistance program.

This could be Medicaid or food stamps (SNAP). These programs provide the necessary proof of eligibility to access the discounted Amazon Prime rate. Those with AARP membership are NOT eligible for a discounted rate on Prime but they do offer AARP discounts as part of their Prime benefits. 

From the Amazon Website:

Discount amazon access program

How to sign up

To sign up and get the Amazon Prime senior discount, visit the designated sign-up page on the Amazon website here. During the sign-up process, you will be asked to provide necessary information, such as your email address, proof of eligibility (such as a valid EBT card or Medicaid card), and your ZIP code.

Once your eligibility is verified, you can start enjoying the benefits of Amazon Prime at the discounted senior rate. You will also get an Amazon Prime store card which can be used as a credit payment method or to earn cash back on your purchases.

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Prime for Seniors is Available with a Few Restrictions

Amazon Prime for seniors offers a range of great benefits at a heavily discounted rate. The discounted price of Amazon Prime makes it well worth the investment if you are eligible.

Eligible seniors enrolled in a qualifying government assistance program and who meet the age requirement can take advantage of this service to enjoy free and fast shipping, early access to deals, senior discount days, and other convenient features such as Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pharmacy.

With the significant discount and a focus on great customer service, Amazon Prime is well worth trying. If you haven’t done so already, get a free trial today and see for yourself! 

Amazon Prime for seniors is available at a significantly discounted rate compared to the regular price, but there are some restrictions you'll have to meet.  Find out all about how to save money on Amazon.