Best Board Games for Two – Date Night

Inside:  The best board games for two for a stay-at-home date night when you want to hunker down inside together instead of going out. 

Board Games for Two

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It’s Friday night and it’s been a loooooong week.

We all know the importance of connecting with your spouse, but what do you do when all you really want is to pull on your sweats, pop some popcorn and uncork a bottle of wine?

Instead of just cancelling your plans, I like to actually schedule a date night/game night. I love looking forward to cozying in and spending some quality time with my husband. All from the comfort of my own family room couch. If you’re finding gin rummy, war and Scrabble a little dull, here are some great options for a date night in!

Here are some of my favorite board games for two that don’t require a long weekend and a PhD to play.   My criteria?   The games must be:

  • Easy to set up – most of these don’t even require a game board
  • Easy to learn   – I’m trying to figure out Settlers of Catan, but the learning curve is steep…
  • Short – less than one hour – no Monopoly marathons, please!

Best Board Games for Two:  Date Night Edition

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  1. Code Names Duet: Espionage and intrigue….using only one word clues, work with your opponent to identify the secret agents on the board. A cooperative game, it can be pretty funny trying to get your partner to guess what you want them to figure out!
  2. Exploding Kittens: Kittens and explosions? This low-key, funny game can be played with your whole family, but works great with two players. There’s even an explicit version with crazy not safe for kids cartoon drawings. Fast, fun and not too serious! A great choice after a hard day since there’s not much thinking or strategy to worry about.
  3. Hive: A bit like chess, but easier. No board to set up, so great for small spaces. You can finish a game in 20 minutes. Goal: surround the queen bee with other insects. This game travels great because it packs down small without a board – perfect for a cafe, train ride or balcony.
  4. Jaipur: Easy to set up, easy to learn and quick to play, this trading game has become one of our favorites. At each turn, you decide whether to sell your goods, or buy more.
  5. Patchwork: Sounds silly at first, but this is another fast, fun, easy to learn game. You have to arrange your fabric pieces Tetris-like on the board game making a patchwork quilt, while trying to maximize your buttons.

Game night can still be a fun date night, even in the empty nest. A bottle of wine or a cup of tea and one of these board games for two can help you know how to reconnect and while away an evening from the comfort of your couch, while spending that quality time together.


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Great board games for two - date night ideas.
Best Board Games for Two
Board games for 2