How to Find Happiness Alone

Happiness can be described as a state of wholeness where you feel content and at peace with your surroundings. To achieve this coveted state with yourself and life, you do not need to be in the company of others. We …

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Easy Ways To Drink More Water

Easy ways to drink more water.

If drinking water is so easy, why is it so hard to get enough?  Read on for easy tips to drink more water without it feeling like a chore.  Plus, download a bonus water intake tracker sheet! (This post may …

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5 Easy Steps to the Best Nap Ever with a Nappuccino

Nappuccino! Time to supercharge your nap!

Inside:  Need a nap?  How about a nappuccino?  Sounds crazy, but medical science backs up this crazy pairing of caffeine and napping. [social_warfare] Coffee and napping are not two words I’d usually put together in a sentence. That is until …

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