How to Set SMART Goals for Weight Loss

smart weight loss goals

Losing weight is often on our list of personal goals, but how we set these goals can make the difference between a fleeting attempt and achieving lasting success. The key lies in setting SMART goals.  The SMART framework ensures your …

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What is a Crash Diet?

crash diets are not for the long term

A crash diet is any type of diet that severely restricts calories or certain food groups in an attempt to lose weight quickly. Most crash diets are based on the premise that if you eat fewer calories than you burn, …

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How to Get Back on Track With Your Diet

exercise is a great way to get back on track

Did you let those sweets and chips get the best of you while you were supposed to be on a diet? Are you trying to make nutritional changes that just don’t seem to stick? You’re in the right place. In …

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Complete Beginner’s Guide to the Keto Diet

High fat low carb ketogenic diet

The Keto diet!  It’s everywhere.  You can’t go anywhere without running into someone who is “doing keto”. I went to my high school reunion this summer and ran into no less than four people who were raving about the results they’ve …

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