Everyday Clean Routines to Protect Your Free Time

Inside:  I finally figured out a simple everyday clean routine that keeps my house just tidy enough and helps me maximize my free time.  Plus a bonus daily routine printable so you can take back your free time too.


Everyday Clean routines can save you time and preserve your free time!

Confession time…. I have never been one to do housework according to a schedule or be a slave to someone else’s cleaning routines.

And I am far from a clean freak or a Martha Stewart wannabe   …   go ahead and ask my husband.  But I have discovered that by automating a few daily household tasks, I actually feel like I have more free time.

Having a simple few tasks that I do each day gives me more time to do the things that I want to do – whatever they happen to be:   visiting with friends, reading, gardening or trying something new like my golf lessons.  And isn’t that what we need to do now that we’re empty nesters?  Embrace the new?  So here’s to new routines that give us more time to do the things we want to do.

Here are just a few reasons you need a simple list of everyday clean routines.

  • To keep your free time free from chores
  • To always be open to having people over even at the last minute
  • Because tidy is peaceful
  • Because the more often you do a little, the less often you have to do a lot

Each am/pm routine takes me 10 minutes max.  Sometimes I need to remind myself that these are quick everyday clean routines and not a deep clean.  Don’t let yourself get distracted – just complete each task and move on.  Scroll to the end of the post to get the password to my resource library and get your own Daily Routine printable.

My everyday clean daily routine

Everyday Clean Morning Routine

  • Bathroom – Wipe down counter, mirror and sink.  (I keep cleaning spray and a cloth under each sink for quick access.)
  • Bedroom – Put away dirty and clean clothes, make the bed.
  • Kitchen – Dishes in sink or dishwasher, wipe down counter.

Everyday Clean Evening Routine

  • Family Room- Replace pillows, fold up throws.  Toss newspapers, papers, and magazines. Tidy up the coffee table, stow remotes, crossword puzzles, etc.
  • Kitchen – Make sure the dishes are done, counters are clean, run dishwasher if needed.
  • Garbage – Check and empty trash if needed.
  • Entry – Put away coats, jackets, shoes and anything else left behind.
  • Pet Stuff – Pick up pet toys, empty water bowl.
  • Paperwork – Stow everything in a basket to sort once a week.
  • To-do List:  Add anything you want to remember in the morning.

That’s it!  Two simple, everyday routines that keep my house ready for company and give me more time for the fun stuff.

My Everyday Clean Routine Sheet

Get the password for my resource library and download my Daily Routine printable by filling out this form:

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How my daily cleaning schedule saves my time and sanity! #cleaning #cleaningtips

How my daily cleaning schedule printable keeps my house looking great! #cleaning #cleaningtips

Morning and Evening everyday cleaning routine printable.