How To Get A Favicon Logo for Your WordPress Blog

Inside:  Just what is that little icon on the browser tab called anyway?  It’s a favicon.  And it’s super easy to get a favicon for your WordPress Blog.  Make your own favicon logo with this easy tutorial.


“No, no, no.” I’d closed the wrong tab. Again.

How will I ever find that amazing article I was reading?”

How to get favicon for your wordpdress blog.

If you’ve ever closed a random tab on your desktop, only to regret it later, you know just how important a favicon can be!

What You Need to Know

A favicon is a small icon on each browser tab associated with a website’s URL. Not only are they are one of the quickest ways to tell websites apart when you have many tabs open, but they are an important part of your overall branding.

A great favicon can help you establish your visual identity online and helps strengthen your brand.  If you don’t assign a favicon, your website will be represented by an icon that looks like a blank sheet of paper.  Probably not the look you’re going for, huh?

Make a favicon online with this simple tutorial.

That’s my sweet little favicon in the photo above.  The good news is it’s super easy to make your own favicon logo by creating and uploading an image to your blog.

Make Your Own Favicon Logo

Favicons are best with a simple color palette and simple graphics.  You want your design to be really simple because the icon is so small.  When it comes to favicons, simple is better!

This is my favicon.   Notice how simple it is.  One color, one initial, yet it still fits in with my blog and my brand.


It was really simple to make my favicon on Canva.  I wanted to start with a square design so I used the “Social Media” 800 px by 800 px square template.    WordPress requires an image of at least 512 px square.   When you’re done, save the image and upload it to your media library on WordPress.

If you want to make your favicon in PicMonkey, check out my PicMonkey Tutorial for great tips!

If you have a WordPress site running version 4.3 or later, it’s a snap to install your favicon.

In your WordPress Dashboard go to Appearance—>Customize—>Site Identity.  There you’ll find a place to upload an image of your choice.  Just make sure your image is a square a least 512 px by 512 px.

his Tutorial could not be easier!! How to make your own favicon logo on your blog and why it's important. |

Once you upload your image,  just Save & Publish and you’re done.   Once you refresh your page, your favicon should appear.

How to Get A Favicon if You Don’t use WordPress

If your website requires an image in the .ico format, there are many free favicon generating websites like that can do the job for you.

See how easy it is to make your own favicon?  Give it a try.  I’d love to see what you come up with!


How to install a favicon on your wordpress blog. Personalize the icon on the browser tab with your own favicon.