Grocery Saving Tips and Grocery Saving Apps: Ibotta Review

Inside:  Have you been looking for ways to save money on groceries?  Here are some grocery saving tips and grocery saving apps that I use and love – all without having to clip coupons. 

Save money on groceries with Ibotta


Grocery Saving Tips

Part of living well in the empty nest is deciding what you want to do with your money.  Priorities are everything.  Now that there are no kids to feed, you really can do something about your shopping budget.  Read on for some grocery saving tips that work for me.

I don’t mind spending money, but I want it to be on things that I feel are important.  I was never very good at couponing because I always forgot my coupons or the store brand was actually cheaper, or I’d only buy 2 when I needed to buy 3.

Grocery Saving Apps

Then a friend told me about this app called Ibotta.  I was skeptical at first, but it really is easy to get rebates on all kinds of things you buy.  You don’t have to clip coupons, or mail in box tops either.   If you purchase something that has a rebate, you simply select the item and later take a photo of your receipt.  Your rebate automatically goes into your Ibotta account.  Once in your account, you can transfer your balance to your Paypal or Venmo account.   (You can also redeem for gift cards, but I always go for the cash.)  As far as grocery saving apps go, this couldn’t be easier.

There are bonuses, coupons good on any item (store brands included) and more.    Alcohol?  You can get a rebate for that.  Personal care items…tons of those too.  Along with all the regular food, toiletries, and household products you buy on a regular basis. You really can get rebates on products you want to buy at stores you actually use.

Ibotta Review: Grocery Saving Tips and Grocery Saving Apps

There are items at so many stores I frequent.  Target, Walmart, Safeway.  Ibotta is adding new stores all the time.  You can take a photo of your receipt with your phone, shop through their mobile app to get rebates and some stores partner with Ibotta so you can use your loyalty card.

I really like Ibotta’s Mobile Shopping category. You can earn cash back on your purchases at online retailers like Amazon, The Gap,, Overstock,  and Kohl’  

There’s no charge to signup, so it really is a no-brainer.  You’re going to shop anyway.  You might as well get a little money back.   It’s fun seeing the message in your inbox when you’ve earned a rebate.  Interested?  You can signup here.

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Super Easy Grocery Savings Tips with grocery saving apps!

Ibotta Review: Grocery Saving Tips | Grocery Saving Apps

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