Kate Morton The Lake House Novel Review

Inside:  Sometimes you get lucky when you pick up a random book from the library.  Kate Morton The Lake House novel was a pleasant surprise!  Twists and turns in the plot made for a great mystery read that I couldn’t put down.

Kate Morton The Lake House Novel Review


Usually, when I pick up a book off a random shelf at the library, I don’t finish it.  I almost always look up book reviews on Goodreads or Amazon before I commit.

But, was pleasantly surprised when I started reading The Lake House by Kate Morton. (affiliate link)  I’m not usually a huge mystery fan, but I really liked this book.

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From the Book Jacket

On a summer evening in 1933, Eleanor and Anthony Edevane’s country house in Cornwall stands ready for a grand summer party to begin.  Before the night is over, this idyllic refuge will find itself the backdrop to tragedy and the birthplace of a terrible secret…

Kate Morton The Lake House Novel Review

The Lake House is a mystery told in alternating time periods about a toddler who goes missing from a wealthy Cornwall estate in the summer of 1933.   The book takes place in 2003 London and 1933 Cornwall, with additional flashbacks to World War I.

I definitely thought it was a page turner all the way to the end.  The author writes beautifully with a great sense of place and time.  It made me want to visit Cornwall. The plot was a bit complicated, with multiple stories woven together – each from the perspective of a different character. I thought I knew what had happened multiple times, but I was wrong right until the end.  

My only complaint was that the ending was wrapped up just a little too conveniently.  Too many coincidences for me, but by that time, the book was done.

Kate Morton's The Lake House Book Review

I really enjoyed it on the whole and would recommend it to a friend.  I’ll look for more of Kate Morton’s books next time I’m at the library.

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Kate Morton Books Review: The Lake House - a mystery to read now!