Complete Beginner’s Guide to the Keto Diet

High fat low carb ketogenic diet

The Keto diet!  It’s everywhere.  You can’t go anywhere without running into someone who is “doing keto”. I went to my high school reunion this summer and ran into no less than four people who were raving about the results they’ve …

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Easy Ways To Drink More Water

Easy ways to drink more water.

If drinking water is so easy, why is it so hard to get enough?  Read on for easy tips to drink more water without it feeling like a chore.  Plus, download a bonus water intake tracker sheet! (This post may …

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10 Easy Ways to Get Quality Sleep

Menopause and Insomnia

The kids are finally out of the house.  All those years of interrupted sleep with babies, toddlers or teenagers.  No one wakes us up these days.    You’d think we’d be sleeping like babies. It’s no joke.  More than half …

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