22 Most Wanted 2022 Graduation Gifts for Guys

graduation gift for son

Tis the season for kids to get antsy in school and mamas to get sentimental. Yes, I’m talking about graduation. If you’re looking for graduation gifts for him that he will love and use, you’ve come to the right place. …

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Best Board Games for Two – Date Night

Board Games for Two

Inside:  The best board games for two for a stay-at-home date night when you want to hunker down inside together instead of going out.  (This post may contain affiliate links.  My full disclosure policy is sort of boring, but you …

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Fun Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

Fun date night ideas for married couples

Inside:  Remember how much fun you had when you first met?  It can be that way again.  Take a look at these fun date night ideas for married couples.  P (This post may contain affiliate links.  My full disclosure policy …

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How to Reconnect In The Empty Nest

How to Reconnect In the Empty Nest

Inside: Is your empty nest marriage starting to feel like you’re just going through the motions? Here’s how to reconnect in the empty nest so you feel more like soulmates and less like roommates. Facing an empty nest after living …

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How to Use Paced Breathing to Smash Hot Flashes

Using Paced Breathing to Cool Hot Flashes.

Inside:  Paced breathing is a breathing technique that can decrease the frequency of hot flashes by 80 percent.   It’s super easy to learn and super easy to do.  Also, my favorite breath pacer breathing app to help you smash your …

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5 Easy Steps to the Best Nap Ever with a Nappuccino

Nappuccino! Time to supercharge your nap!

Inside:  Need a nap?  How about a nappuccino?  Sounds crazy, but medical science backs up this crazy pairing of caffeine and napping. [social_warfare] Coffee and napping are not two words I’d usually put together in a sentence. That is until …

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