10 Easy to Make DIY Sugar Scrub Recipes You’ll Love

10 easy to make DIY sugar scrub recipes that can help give you soft, exfoliated and healthy skin for pennies.

Sugar Scrub Recipes you can make tonight for soft, exfoliated skin.

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Did you ever have one of those weeks when you just can’t wait for Friday??    Sometimes a hot bath,  a glass of wine and some pampering are all I want after a long week!  Taking a relaxing bath is honestly my favorite form of self care.

I love this post because it allows me to blend two things I love:  self-care and DIY craft projects.

And these are the perfect projects because they only take 10 minutes to make!

No bath is complete without a little exfoliation, and there’s no better way to take care of your skin than a simple sugar scrub.

What’s a sugar scrub exactly?

Simply put, sugar scrub recipes are mixtures you whip up from sugar, oil and whatever essential oils you want.  Mix it all together and you get a heavenly smelling concoction that does wonders to exfoliate your skin.

Exfoliation is super important because it keeps your skin soft and glowing.  A sugar scrub both exfoliates and smells amazing – a double bonus!

The sugar does the exfoliating and the oils in each scrub do the moisturizing.  It’s a one-two punch for dry, flaky skin.

Sugar scrubs are really easy to use.  Just scoop a little bit out of the jar, gently scrub all over your hands, feet, body or wherever you need a little exfoliation.  Relax for a couple of minutes and smell the relaxing goodness.  Then, rinse well and pat dry.

11 DIY Sugar Scrub Recipes that You Can Make Yourself

Whenever I think about pampering, I always think about how pricey spa products are in the stores.  I love Lush bath products, but they are so expensive!

Making your own sugar scrubs is a way to cut back on the pampering prices!  With just a few simple, cheap ingredients, you can have a Lush-like experience, for only a few pennies a use.

Tip:  These make great gifts too!  Put them in cute jars from the dollar store, or grab some inexpensive ones online.  I like to use these cute 4-ounce jars– some of these even come with cute labels and little scoops – perfect for gifts or favors!

Ready to get scrubbing?  Let’s go take a look at some of my favorite sugar scrub recipes!

 1.  DIY Lemon Lavender Sugar Body Scrub

Lavender Lemon sugar scrub recipe

Image credit and tutorial found at One Little Project.  

This scrub is amazing for people with sensitive skin!  The coconut oil is soothing and the sugar gives you just the right amount of exfoliation.

Don’t get me started on how this smells!  SOOOO good!  Smells just like a spa with the refreshing lemon and the relaxing lavender.

This one makes it so hard to get out of the bathtub!  Super relaxing.

2.  Pineapple Coconut Pina Colada Sugar Scrub

Pina Colada sugar scrub recipe

Image credit and tutorial found at Happiness is Homemade.

The islands are calling me!  This one smells just like you’re on vacation sitting by the pool with a delicious tropical drink!  Smells good enough to eat, but try to hold yourself back.

This tropical scrub is perfect for summer.   You want to be showing a lot more skin – and this scrub will leave you with beautifully exfoliated and scented skin.

So relaxing and the fact that it reminds me of vacation is an extra pampering bonus!

3.  Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

Vanilla brown sugar scrub recipe

Image credit and tutorial found at Somewhat Simple.

When I made this scrub, I really had to remind myself not to eat it!  It’s got that warm sugar and vanilla aroma that feels so comforting and homey.

This reminds me of making cookies which makes me think that this would be a wonderful Christmas gift to make!

It really does the trick too when it comes to smoothing your skin!

4.  Pink Lemonade Scrub

Pink Lemonade sugar scrub recipes

Image credit and tutorial found at Suburban Simplicity.

I just love the scent of lemon!  It is so fresh and rejuvenating.  Just the aroma I need after a long day when I need a little TLC.

This one reminds me of the lemonade stands we used to have when we were kids!  Pink lemonade is just so much more fun and summery than regular lemonade!

5.  Lemon Sugar Scrub

Lemon sugar scrub recipe

Image credit and tutorial found at I heart Naptime.

I know, I know, this is another lemon sugar scrub!  I just can’t get enough of lemon’s refreshing, rejuvenating goodness!   This one has the optional addition of grated lemon zest for that extra lemon zing!

So wonderfully clean smelling and moisturizing, this is one of my favorite DIY sugar scrub recipes.

6.  Cucumber Mint Sugar Scrub

Cucumber mint sugar scrub recipe

Image credit and tutorial found at Creations by Kara

Oh my gosh!  This one smells just like that chilled, flavored ice water they always have at upscale spas.   You know – the kind with the cucumber slices and mint leaves floating in it.

Not only are cucumbers delicious, they are also good for your skin– they are amazing at combating puffiness and soothing irritated skin.

7.  Whipped Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Whipped peppermint sugar scrub recipe

Image credit and tutorial found at The Idea Room.

Can you say, “Pampering AND Christmas Gifts”??  This recipe takes a few more minutes but would make a perfect festive and pampering holiday gift.   This one requires a hand mixer so it takes more equipment, but it’s totally worth it.

It smells amazing and is light and fluffy, but still works wonders for your dry skin.

8.  Rosemary Lemon Body Scrub

Rosemary lemon sugar scrub recipe

Image credit and tutorial found at Thrifty DIY Diva.

This one smells amaaaazing!  The lemon paired with rosemary makes it feel like a refreshing walk through the Italian countryside!

This one is a salt scrub – but it still works amazingly to exfoliate your dry skin.

9.  Orange Creamsicle Sugar Scrub

Orange creamsicle sugar scrub

Image credit and tutorial found at The Gunny Sack.

Now, this sugar scrub really does smell good enough to eat!

It really reminds me of summertime with those orange creamsicle popsicles….nothing like being a kid on a hot summer’s day with a cool popsicle!  It would melt and run down your arm – then you’d have to run through the sprinkler or jump in the pool to rinse off.

The mixture of orange and vanilla is just so comforting and smells SO good!

10.  Rose Sugar Scrub

Rose sugar scrub recipe

Image credit and tutorial found at Homan at Home.

Too many rosebushes in your yard?  Wondering what to do with the leftover petals from that bouquet you got for your birthday?

Look no further than this recipe for sugar scrub that uses rose petals for a beautiful scent and pretty color that will vary depending on the kind of rose petals you use!

Soften Your Skin with DIY Sugar Scrub Recipes

So there you have it – 10 amazing recipes to make your own DIY Sugar Scrubs.

So take some time out this week to do a little DIY crafting and make your favorite.  Then set aside some me-time for a nice skin exfoliating-moisturizing pampering session!  You’re worth it!

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