10 Awesome Gifts to Delight Your College Student

InsideA college student gift guide to make even the choosiest student happy.   Everything your favorite student needs to make their dorm a home away from home.

All the gifts your college student really wants!

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College Student Gift Guide Ideas

Even though it seems like you just moved everything but the kitchen sink into that tiny dorm room, your college student still wants and needs all the things.

Here are some tried and true, college kid-approved gift ideas.


college student gift guide

1.  Hydro Flask:    If you haven’t yet seen these colorful water bottles, you may have been hiding under a rock.  Kids love these.  They come in many different sizes and colors, keep water ice cold for hours (even in a hot car), and have lots of nifty interchangeable caps, straws, and lids.  Kids also like to trade cool stickers to make their hydro flask one of a kind.  I’m actually putting one of these on my wishlist too!

2.  Bedtent:  Does your college student share a room with multiple other kids?  Do they ever feel like they have no privacy what so ever?  This little number gives the illusion of privacy.  It pops up over their bed and can be zipped up to give that feeling that no one is watching them!  It’s cozy inside too!

3.  Monitor: This is perfect to hook up to a laptop when they want to Netflix and chill, but works great for gaming enthusiasts too!  This monitor is light and slips back into a tiny box when you have to pack up and move out of your room.

4.  Keurig: The dining hall is a long walk away on a cold night when all you want is a hot cup of coffee. Small and mighty, these work great to brew up a hot mug of a caffeinated beverage. Don’t forget the pods too!

5.  Bluetooth Speaker: Cute, small and powerful when it’s time to crank up the tunes. Stream directly from your phone for an impromptu dance party, study break.

College Student Gift Guide

More College Student Gift Guide Ideas

6.  Microwave Ramen Cooker: Just drop your ramen in, add water, microwave and your student is eating in no time.

7.  Dry Erase Whiteboard: Great for inside their room to write down reminders, lists, and notes to each other. Small whiteboards are great to post on the outside of the door so neighbors can leave notes, jokes and funny drawings.

8.  Personalized Pet Pillow: Both my kids miss our dog terribly. Comfy, and familiar, these cute pillows remind your student of their loyal, furry friend that waits at home for their next visit.  Just upload a photo of your fur baby and you’re almost there.

9.  Electronic Candles: Most dorms do not allow candles, which my daughter hates, but I am frankly thankful for. Make things feel cozy and homey with these cute, flickering electronic candles, complete with remote control.

10.  Gift Cards: Nothing says love to a student like a gift card to Starbucks or their favorite restaurant.  Sometimes students need a study break and some great fast food to keep them going into a late night study session.

What’s on your college student’s wish list?

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College gift ideas! Are you parenting teens that are now college students? Here's a list of all the things they're going to want for their dorm! #college #parenting #dorm #gifts

College gifts! Are you raising teenagers that are now college students? Here's a list of all the things they're going to want for their dorm! #college #parenting #dorm #gifts

Are you parenting teens that are now college students? Here's a list to all the things they're going to want for their dorm! #college # parenting #dorm

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