12 Detox Water Recipes You’ll Love to Drink

These detox water recipes will help you boost your metabolism, flush out the toxins from your liver, and help you lose the bloat and weight. Infused water recipes can help you hydrate while you lose weight.  They are also a delicious way to drink more water!  So drink up!

Infused water for weight loss recipes that anyone can make! Delicious detox water recipes using all natural ingredients!


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Everyone knows that water is great for healthy living but it can be so boring!

If you’ve tried to lose weight on any of the popular diets for women out there, you know just how important it is to drink a lot of water.

If you’ve given up sodas and sugary drinks, you know how challenging it can be to get that water requirement in each day.  If you’re still looking for the best way to drink water, check out these ideas!

What is Detox Water?

Detox water is plain water mixed with natural ingredients that add in the process of cleansing your body.

Stay hydrated and revitalized with these detox water recipes. The fresh fruits and herbs release their benefits in water for a boost of antioxidants benefits.

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Each Of These Detox Water Recipes will help you lose weight by:

  • Keeping you full
  • Helping you stay away from the sugary sodas and drinks.
  • Fighting cravings
  • Helping you drink more water
  • Helping you rid your body of toxins by supporting your liver
  • Getting rid of extra bloat

Infused Water Recipes & Detox Water Recipes Key Ingredients

All of these infused water weight loss recipes have amazing ingredients that help detox, de-bloat, boost your immune system and act as anti-inflammatories.

  • Tumeric – anti-inflammatory
  • Ginger -anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, infection-fighting
  • Maca –  antioxidants and enhances energy, mood, memory, and libido
  • Coconut Water – electrolytes that hydrate and help cleanse and detox
  • Cinnamon – anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory
  • Lemon – alkalinizing,  immune-booster
  • Cucumber –  helps with cleansing and detox
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – helps to lose weight and belly fat,  anti-bacterial
  • Green Tea – anti-oxidant, increases fat-burning, brain-boosting
  • Mint – improves digestion
  • Berries – anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory
  • Pineapple & Papaya – enzymes that aid in digestion and reduce bloating

My Favorite Detox Water Recipes and Infused Water Recipes

1. Morning Tumeric Detox Drink

Tumeric Detox Water Recipe

Image credit and tutorial found at Trial and Eater.

This drink combines so many healthy living powerhouses!   Tumeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory benefits.  (When you can buy it at Costco in the drug section, you know it has hit the mainstream!) .

The honey in this recipe counteracts the spicy turmeric for a tasty detox drink that is great for your immune system.

2. Detox Papaya Juice

Detox Water Recipe with Papaya and Ginger

Image credit and tutorial found at Pretty Easy Life. 

This yummy tropical drink contains ginger which has anti-inflammatory properties and Maca powder,  which is an ancient superfood.

Maca is loaded with antioxidants and enhances energy, mood, memory, and libido.

3. Orange Mint Detox Water Recipe

Orange mint coconut water detox recipe

Image credit and tutorial found at Chi Blog

This easy detox water mixes up in a flash with ingredients that I usually have on hand.

Coconut water does the heavy lifting with this water.  Coconut water has electrolytes making it perfect for replacing fluids and removing toxins from the body.

Yummy and refreshing too!

4. Simple Infused Water

Infused Water Weight Loss Recipe

Image credit and tutorial found at All That’s Jas.

This one is the easiest infused water weight loss recipe on my list.   Just take water, add some frozen fruit and hydrate! It’s simple, and the frozen fruit keeps my drink at just the right temperature.  After I finish, I get to snack on the fruit.  Win-win!

You can find swanky fruit infuser bottles like these, but I just like to drink mine in a regular glass or reusable water bottle.

5. Apple Cinnamon Detox Water Recipes

Apple Cinnamon Infused Water

Image credit and tutorial by The Sits Girls.

This simple detox water recipe has only two ingredients:  apples and cinnamon.

I love cinnamon!  It is loaded with anti-oxidants and has inflammatory properties as well.  It may cut the risk of heart disease and has been proven to lower blood sugar levels.

Healthy and easy!

6. Body Cleansing Lemon Ginger Water

Cleansing Infused Water Weight Loss Recipe

Image credit and tutorial by Happy Foods Tube.

Two of my favorites, lemon, and ginger, combine for a delicious and effective detox water.

I drink a glass of lemon ginger water every day before breakfast.   Always at room-temperature first thing in the morning as it helps your body rehydrate faster after a long sleep.

The lemons are alkalizing, and the ginger is a potent anti-inflammatory and helps improve digestion.   Powerful for something so simple.

7. Pineapple Water

Pineapple Infused Water

Image credit and tutorial by Masala Herb.

This fresh infused water weight loss recipe is made with fresh pineapple.  Not only delicious, pineapple helps digestion, has anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to contribute to eye health.

Such a summery way to get your water in!

8. Anti Bloat Smoothie

Detox anti bloat smoothie

Image and tutorial by Happy Healthy Mama.

So….this one technically is not infused water, but it’s made with just a few healthy ingredients and whizzed up in a blender so I had to add it here.

All the ingredients fight bloating or have anti-inflammatory properties.   Use unfiltered apple cider vinegar, like Bragg’s,  for the best health benefits.

9. Cleansing Detox Water Recipe


Detox Water Recipe

Image and tutorial by Teaspoon of Goodness.

This easy but tasty detox water recipes boasts the flavors of citrus and cucumber.

Cucumber is so cool and refreshing in an infused water for weight loss recipe.  Cucumbers not only taste great, but they help cleanse your kidneys, improve skin and lower your blood pressure.

I almost always have the ingredients for this recipe in my fridge so it’s definitely a go to one for me!

10. Detox Iced Green Tea

Detox Iced Green Tea

Image and tutorial by Popculture.

This fresh and fruity mix is easy to make and boasts a serving of health-promoting green tea.

Green tea is a super way to get extra anti-oxidants into your life, has a hint of caffeine and tastes great!

11. Slimming Detox Water

Slimming Detox Water

Image and tutorial by Spend with Pennies.

This infused water recipe is filled with so many great ingredients.

I’ve already told you about the great benefits of ginger, citrus, and cucumber, but this infused water for weight loss recipe also contains mint.

Mint helps out with your digestion and can help if you have an upset stomach.

12. Raspberry and Mint Scented Water

Raspberry and Mint Infused Water

Image and tutorial by Sammy and Bella.

This infused water recipe is so delicious, refreshing, and gorgeous that you’re going to want to mix up an entire pitcher to serve at your next get together.

Red raspberries contain antioxidants that fight against cancer, heart and circulatory disease and age-related decline.

Mix Up a Batch of Detox Water and Keep in Your Fridge

Whether you want to lose weight, stay hydrated, or flush out your system, these amazing detox water recipes and infused water recipes are just the ticket to a delicious way to get it done!

Pick any of these infused water recipes or detox water recipes from the list, mix up a pitcher and start losing weight and detoxing today!

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Healthy detox water recipes and infused water recipes to help you lose weight, detox and feel amazing! #detoxwater #weightloss #weightlossrecipes

Infused Water Recipes and Detox water recipes to help you lose weight, lose the bloat and detox! #detoxwater #detox #weightloss #healthyliving