How to Choose the Best Graduation Gifts for Daughter

Inside:  Spring is in the air and caps and gowns are appearing all over.  That could only mean one thing,….graduation.  Are you looking for great graduation gifts for a daughter?  Here is a selection of the best college graduation gifts for her!  Plus a bonus printable graduation card just for you!

How to choose the best graduation gifts for daughter! Plus a free printable grad card.

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Caps and gowns and pomp and circumstance!

Tis the season….for graduations!

This spring was such a milestone for me.  My son graduated from college Mother’s Day weekend.  My baby,  my firstborn, the kid who made me a Mom…

I am so proud of him, but I am also so sentimental.    It truly seems like he was just in pre-school.  Didn’t we just move him into the dorms?  I absolutely cannot believe he is now a mostly adult human!  If you have a son graduating too, pop over to my post on the best college graduation gifts for him.

To top it off, last year my sweet daughter graduated from high school.  So I know a thing or two about how to choose the best graduation gifts for daughters!

I have been bombarded with questions about graduation gifts.  What does a new graduate want or need?  It’s hard to imagine Spring without graduation, and it’s hard to imagine graduation without buying gifts for those who walk across the stage!

Of course, cold, hard cash is always welcomed by grads, but there are times that you really want to give a memorable, useful or sentimental gift to your favorite graduate. Here are some tried and true ideas for great university graduation gifts for her.

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Printable Graduation Card for Him

Best Graduation Gifts for Daughter – Books

Now I don’t mean textbooks here!  Your new graduate will be out on their own navigating this grownup world.   These two books are perfect for any graduate living on their own for the first time.

How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman Mark Bittman has amazing cookbooks for new cooks and seasoned chefs as well.  This is a great book with lots of basic information plus simple indispensable advice for making good food with fresh ingredients.

Graduation Gifts for Him - Best Cookbook

I first picked up Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown because it looked like a cute and funny gift for a graduate with a sense of humor.  This book covers basic life skills, relationships, apartment decorating, and even how to write a great thank you note.    Seems silly, but who really knows how to clean an oven until you’ve actually done it….

Best Book on Adulting for Graduation

University Graduation Gifts for Her –  Travel & Work Bags

Nothing says I’ve graduated quite like trading that old ratty backpack for a stylish but still practical leather bag.

This Madewell Medium Leather Transport Tote is clean, modern and completely unfussy.  This roomy leather tote is topped with comfortable over-the-shoulder straps and a convenient optional crossbody strap for when you want to wear the style hands-free.  Perfect for toting her essentials to and from her new job!  Madewell Medium Transport Leather tote

Every graduate needs a quality suitcase….the days of overpacked duffel bags are over.   This bag from Away is amazing!  (That link gets you a $20 off coupon too!)  My kids each received one from Grandma last year.  They have a lifetime warranty, an integrated charger, and roll like a dream.   It’s personally on my wishlist!

Graduation Gifts for Son - Away Suitcase

How about a pretty toiletry travel bag?  This one folds up to pack, but also has a hook to hang up in the bathroom.   No more packing her toiletries inside a gallon size zip lock bag!  These Vera Bradley bags are a classic choice.  They come in lots of different colors too.

What a great list of college graduation gift ideas for her!

More Graduation Gift Ideas

How about a little something to pack in that new toiletry bag?  These Squeeze Pod toiletries are the perfect size for a quick getaway, TSA compliant and made of natural ingredients.
Great ideas for graduation gifts for daughters!

How about a handy multi-tool for assembling all that IKEA furniture and fixing the broken stuff in her first real apartment.

Multi Tool Kit - Graduation Present for a Guy

A portable phone charger can ensure her electronics don’t run out of juice when she’s commuting to and from work.

Graduation Present for Son

Classic Graduation Gifts for Daughter

These beautiful pearl stud earrings are a fashion classic that she will wear for decades.  What better gift for her than something she will wear every day?

But wait…I’m not ready!

Take a deep breath and be a proud mama!  All those years of math homework and carpool drives have been worth it.  Your graduate may be a full-fledged adult now, but she will always need her family, and for that, I am truly grateful!

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